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Pallot Last Furrow Reversible (Brabant) Plough.
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Pallot Last Furrow Reversible (Brabant) Plough

Designed and produced by L C Pallot at his workshop, Central Motor Works, Sion, Trinity, in the late 1940’s.  This reversible (swing-over plough) combined two elements which enabled farmers to plough up and down the same furrow, and to the very edge of the field, an important asset on an island with fields of limited size.  The swing-over mechanism worked automatically, a frame fitting with an attached chain was fitted to the rear of the tractor, when the plough was raised by the tractor's hydraulic lift at the end of each furrow, the chain operated a lever on the plough which rotated it to the correct position to for the next furrow.

The last furrow mechanism allowed the plough to be moved across the full width of the tractor, this enabled ploughing right up to the hedge.  Until the late 60's Jersey farms were small and farmland was at a premium, prior to the Pallot last furrow plough land that could not be reached by normal ploughs was turned over by hand.  Without doubt Mr. Pallot's ingenuity saved many hours of back breaking toil and blistered hands.

Lyndon 'Don' Pallot Lyndon 'Don' Pallot
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