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la Grand' Tchéthue - The Big Plough.
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la Grand' Tchéthue - The Big Plough

Prior to the popularity of the potato the staple root crops for both human and animal consumption were the turnip and the parsnip, in order to allow either to grow to their full potential a good depth of well cultivated soil was essential.

The turning of soil and cultivation to an adequate depth for the of turnips parsnips was made possible by the big plough, la Grand' Tchéthue.

According to stories handed down from generation to generation, six to eight horses were required to pull the big plough .  Using it tended to be a community event, with neighbouring farming families lending their horses to pull it. While the work was hard all joined in at the end of the day for a copious meal washed down with a good quantity of the excellent locally made cider.

Lyndon 'Don' Pallot Lyndon 'Don' Pallot
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