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Ferguson-Brown Type A Tractor.
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Ferguson-Brown Type A Tractor

The first Tractor produced by Harry Ferguson was a prototype designed in 1933/34 to demonstrate the viability of the Ferguson Hydraulic System.  Because of it's colour it was known as the Ferguson Black.  Apart from the hydraulics and the linkage system this tractor was a small and underpowered version of existing tractors.  Despite an intensive campaign by Harry Ferguson to publicise his system both in Britain and the United States, it was only when he met David Brown of David Brown Gears Ltd., that an agreement was entered into to produce the Ferguson Brown Model A tractor at Huddersfield.  Production began in 1936 and approximately 1,300 units were built before the partnership between both parties ceased in 1939.

The Ferguson-Brown tractor was powered by a 20h.p. side valve petrol/paraffin (TVO) Coventry-Climax Engine, later versions had a similar engine produced by David Brown.   Three forward speeds together with a reverse gear gave a top speed of just under 5 mph.   The basic tractor was fitted with steel spade lug wheels and independent drum brakes.  Optional equipment included power take off, side mounted belt pulley and pneumatic tyres.  In 1938 the basic cost of the tractor was £198, when compared to the £100 price of a Standard Fordson many farmers considered the Type A Ferguson-Brown too expensive.  The Ferguson converging hydraulic actuated linkage transformed the tractor industry and it's influence on tractor design can still be seen in today's tractors.

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