The Jersey Road Race 1950.
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The Jersey Road Race 1950

There has always been an attraction for road racing and the opportunity to run such events in England was denied so Jersey following the lead of the Isle of Man made a 3.2 mile circuit available to the BARC in 1947. The circuit ran all along the seafront (Victoria Avenue) from St. Helier as far as Bell Royal corner and then returned by the A1 more commonly known as the top road road.

By 1950 the anticipated financial advantages of such an event were not appreciated and this was the last time a full grid of racing cars appeared on the island for road racing.

For 1950 the entry list included the works Maseratis of Chiron and Rol, but there was considerable disappointment when they failed to turn up.

The other entries included :
Maserati 4CLT entered by Scuderia Ambrosiana and driven by David Hampshire
Maserati 4CLT driven by Baron de Graffenreid
Maserati 4CLT driven by Reg Parnell
Maserati driven by David Murray
Ferrari V112 1½ litre driven by Peter Whitehead
Alta driven by John Heath
ERA R14B driven by Bob Gerrard
ERA R8C driven by Harrison
ERA driven by Shawe-Taylor
Delage entered by Rob Walker and driven by Tony Rolt
Cooper 1000 driven by Merrick
Cooper 1000 driven by Logan
AJB driven by Archie Butterworth
The last two cars failed to start.

The race was won by Peter Whitehead at a record average of 90.94 mph a lap ahead of Parnell's Maserati. The Delage, Coper and Hampshire's Maserati all retired whilst de Graffenreid had two lengthy pit stops.

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