Mack Model NR Pictured in Bath Street.
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Mack Model NR Pictured in Bath Street

The Mack Model NR Was a heavy lorry constructed for military use from 1940 to 1945 by the Mack Manufacturing Corporation of New York U.S.A.   The Mack Model NR was mainly used to tow trailers carrying heavy equipment suck as Tanks and large bulldozers, it was also used to tow heavy field guns.

The version above was acquired by the States of Jersey after the Liberation.  It was used for tasks such as the removal of the heavy guns and equipment left behind by the German occupying forces.  Subsequently it was used to transport a heavy Allis-Chalmers Bulldozer also owned by the States.  As a result of perhaps one of the worst fires ever seen in Jersey, we see it pictured during the mid 1950's in Bath Street, St. Helier using it's winch to demolish the F. Le. Gallais & Sons Furniture Depositories.

This very Mack Model NR is on display in the Museum together with a contemporary Ward LaFrance M-1-A-1 Heavy Duty Wrecker.

Lyndon 'Don' Pallot Lyndon 'Don' Pallot
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