Duke Of Normandy Jersey Western Railway Locomotive.
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Duke Of Normandy Jersey Western Railway Locomotive

The Duke Of Normandy was one of the first locomotives to pull a train in Jersey.  The date is given as 29 th September 1870.  This was before the seawall had been strengthened along St Aubin's Bay, and the track was vulnerable to storms.

The following is a newspaper article of the time:

The Jersey Railway Company Limited.

The Railway running from St. Helier to St. Aubins is about four miles in length.  The Company was incorporated by a local Act of The States, dated the 22nd October, 1869, and confirmed by an Order of Her Majesty in Council dated November 11, 1869.

The opening of the Line was inaugurated on the 25th October, 1870, by his Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, Major-General Guy, and in the presence of the Bailiff and other Civil authorities. Such has been the popularity since the line has opened that 41,469½ passengers have traveled to and fro from the 25th October to the 20th November.

Chairman, W. H. Le Feuvre, Esq.; Secretary, Henry Luce Manuel, Esq.; Traffic Manager, Philip Le Neveu, Esq.; Resident Engineer, P. S. Le Cornu, Esq. Offices, 4, Esplanade.

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