1898 Tangye ‘Colonial’ Steam Engine.
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1898 Tangye ‘Colonial’ Steam Engine

Built by Tangye Bros. Birmingham (England) in 1898.  Tangyes of Birmingham were among the major builders of steam engines, and this sturdy example of a horizontal engine would have been well able to carry its’ makers reputation into England’s then extensive colonies.  No doubt the charming bas-relief of Queen Victoria would cheer the hearts of all who were feeling homesick in far away lands.  In fact, it is almost certainly one of the ways in which the company celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee Year in 1897 – the sixtieth year of her reign.

But with a 10” bore and stroke of 15”, steam of 100 p.s.i. and a governed speed of say 125/150 r.p.m. some 25 b.h.p. would have been available – quite sufficient to drive sawmills, stone crushers, pump and factory line shafting, etc.

Note the sensitive 3 ball PICKERING governor directly controlling the steam flow to the engine.  The particular governors were supplied to the engine manufacturers as complete ‘bolt on’ units.

The company also made hydraulic and other equipment. Between 1857/58 hydraulic water powered rams designed and built by Tangye’s pushed the 12,000 ton hull of Brunel’s ‘Great Eastern’ steamship down the launching ways at Scott Russells yard in the Thames estuary.  It had been a Herculean task and the firm received much credit for it. Hence the proud boast the “We launched the Great Eastern, and she launched us” !

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