Tractor Mounted Potato Elevator Digger, Designed and manufactured in Jersey by L C Pallot.
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Tractor Mounted Potato Elevator Digger, Designed and manufactured in Jersey by L C Pallot

Designed by L C Pallot and built at Central Motor Works, Sion, Trinity, the Pallot Elevator Digger was an ideal machine for local conditions.  While other elevator diggers were available they were mostly designed for tractors in the 50 to 65 hp class, such machines were not only more expensive than the Pallot machine they were mostly of the much heavier double elevator type, when attached to tractors in the 20 to 35 hp class front wheel weights were required to stop the front of the tractor from lifting.  

A novel and cost saving feature of the Pallot machine is the easily adjusted belt driven elevator, most if not all other elevator potato diggers used chains for this purpose which required a clutch mechanism, these when poorly adjusted would wear rapidly and could be time consuming to change.  Given that this machine was clearly the most suitable and cost effective machine for local conditions it is little wonder that more that four hundred of these popular machines were acquired by Jersey farmers.

Lyndon 'Don' Pallot Lyndon 'Don' Pallot
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